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White Tooth Coloured Fillings

If you’ve suffered from tooth decay, it’s likely you’ve been left with gaps in your teeth. This can be an issue aesthetically causing many people to feel self-conscious but it can also weaken the remaining tooth/teeth and potentially lead to infection or other serious issues in the future.

The Solution

If the issues above sound familiar, it’s possible that you require fillings to help strengthen your tooth and provide a more natural looking surface. This treatment can also make it easier to eat and talk normally and can prevent any food from becoming trapped in your tooth.

There are many different types of filling but white fillings are increasingly favoured as people steer more and more towards the ideal perfect smile we all see daily or social media. Often made from a composite dental material, white fillings can be matched with the colour of your natural teeth to ensure they blend in. Although not quite as long lasting as their silver or gold counterparts, they do provide a natural looking smile and a sturdy surface that you can rely on when eating and drinking.

White Fillings at Sohal Dental Practice

Here at Sohal Dental Practice, our advanced team of dental professionals provide the most natural looking finish possible when it comes to fillings and that’s why we favour white fillings. A white filling treatment is quick and easy, providing results in just one appointment so you can feel confident about your smile as soon as possible.




Do you provide amalgam fillings?

Yes, we do but most of our clients tend to prefer white fillings to provide a more natural looking result.

How long does it take to complete a filling?

You will only require one appointment to have a white filling handcrafted.

What are the white fillings made from?

We use a strong type of composite resin for our white fillings.


Raj Singh Birdi

As you can probably imagine, some people do not like dentists, however, Sohal Dental Practice is by far an amazing practice.

Professional, caring and most of Great at what they do. So if you need a check up or have an ache or pain pop down. If I could give 10 stars I really would!

Raj Singh Birdi
Bella Ciao

I used to have a high anxiety level before every visit to the dentist. Then I switched to this clinic and thanks to the professional and caring attitude of the staff I am now no longer hesitant to be going to the dentist!

Bella Ciao
Savraj Singh Basra

Fantastic dentist and very humble person! highly recommended

Savraj Singh Basra
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